Pairing Typefaces like a Pro

Learn how to confidently pair fonts that fit & boost your design
in three evenings or faster.

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Let your designs shine with the right type

As a designer, you know a solid typeface combination is essential to make your work stand out, look professional, and perform well.

But finding matching font pairs always takes you forever. Most advice you read is either terribly basic or too complicated, but never really fits your specific situation. Eventually you decide on a set of fonts intuitively, frustrated, out of time, and unsure if they really go together.

Enough of that? Then learn how to get great font pairs, that fit your project, without the guessing.

Become better in pairing typefaces

Pairing Typefaces like a Pro is a self-paced online course that will make you faster, and more confident in picking and combining typefaces. This course is made for experienced designers that are already familiar with choosing one typeface, but feel insecure when it comes to combining several.

Regardless of working in web, app, UI, or other graphic design areas. If you regularly choose and combine fonts, and look for practical advice that you can apply directly to your next project, you have come to the right place.

After this course, you will

😀 Improve the quality of your designs with better type combinations.

😀 Get to a confident decision in pairing typefaces faster.

😀 Have a guideline to judge any typeface combination from any source, like Google Fonts, Adobe Fonts, your favorite foundry, or the fonts that have been on your hard drive for years.

😀 Have a workflow to find harmonious matches.

😀 Know what to pay attention to when looking at typefaces and pairing them.

😀 Skim through type catalogs quicker, knowing what will and what won’t work.

I’m Oliver, your guide through the world of typography

I’m a seasoned UI and app designer and typography YouTuber. I studied graphic design, taught at schools and universities, speak at international conferences and guest at design podcasts.

Discovering the Font Matrix based upon Indra Kupferschmid’s work drastically simplified my own typeface decision-making. After over 15 years working as a designer, it finally gave me the ability to pinpoint why some type combinations work, and some don’t. With this online course, I will pass my knowledge on to you.

Use the Font Matrix for harmonious font pairs

This course will teach you the principles of the Font Matrix, a different way of looking at typefaces, helping you find harmonious matches.

The Font Matrix is based on the work of Prof. Indra Kupferschmid and will make you more sensitive to choosing and pairing typefaces. After learning the basics, you will have short and fun challenges to practice, to make sure that you can apply it easily in your daily work.

Instead of digging trough complicated type classifications, you can master that skill without dissecting the shape of serifs or other art historic baggage.

Instead of applying this for copy in web design only, this course will also help you become better in designing logos, posters, UIs, or any other application where you need to pair fonts.

Instead of doing this alone, you’ll have access to me via email and in one 30-min coaching call (limited seats), to get personal feedback.

What Attendees say

Feedback from students of the founding group in June 2022.

“Oliver has simplified font pairing for me. I generally agonize over pairing fonts and usually end up googling something. His way, using the Font Matrix, is fast, fun and most important — agony free 🙂!”

– Sue Delsol, Graphic Designer

“The outcome I had hoped for when enrolling in your workshop was indeed the outcome I experienced – that is, to be better able to pair typefaces, and to do so with some purpose and some insight, and without magic and without guessing.”

– Michael Zastre

“It was an insightful and enriching experience. The course gave me a new perspective on pairing typefaces and confidence in my ability to pair contrasting pairs with ease.”

– Asmita Jalali

“Thank you, I loved the class! Can’t say I usually laugh out loud in workshops, was a pleasure!”

– Amanda

“I love the fontastic font pairing course!! Oliver is friendly, approachable, and fun, all while encouraging you to explore and learn about fonts. With both theory from the videos and feedback to the practice exercises, I completed the course feeling confident with a new skill. If you want to learn a pragmatic and practical way to pair any font, this is the course for you.”

– John Armstrong

“I really enjoyed the course, Oliver is a lovely person, had a great presentation and very well prepared content. Although I count myself as an advanced fontomaniac, I was very satisfied. It was funny, interesting, and educational. I also enjoyed the exercises and Oliver’s personal approach!”

– Andrea Grigerová

See what’s included

⭐️ 15+ on demand video lessons, so you can learn on your own pace.

⭐️ 10 challenges, so that you can playfully apply what you just learned.

⭐️ Feedback via email/video messages, to assure you’re on the right track.

⭐️ Downloadable slides & materials, to look up the information you need quickly.

⭐️ Cheat sheet & checklist, so you have a playbook of the essence of the course for your next project.

⭐️ 30 days money-back guarantee, if this course does not help you in becoming better and more confident in pairing type.

Pair Typefaces like a Pro, today

This course in a nutshell

Where you are right now

😕 Finding type combinations takes you longer than you wish.

😕 Most advice you found is very vague and fuzzy.

😕 You feel it’s more like guessing, missing the rational part, or clear guidelines.

😕 You often google for font pairs, but many times the results don’t fit your project.

😕 When you make a decision, at times it feels choosing for the less bad.

This course is for you if …

😃 You are a web, graphic, or UI designer, and want to have a few more tools in your typography belt.

😃 You are advanced in your typographic skills, and can tell the difference between sans-serif, serif, and script fonts.

😃 You want to learn in a practical online course that’s oriented towards your needs as a digital designer.

😃 Learn at your own pace, while getting real feedback via video-messages + a complementary 30-min coaching call with me (limited seats)

😃 You want to see results quickly and apply it right away in your next project.

Don’t take this course if …

🤔 You are an absolute beginner in typography, and don’t have any experience in picking typefaces or setting them. If you are, here is some free content that should help you: How to Choose a Typeface, after you’re done with that happy to see your here

🤔 You’re looking for a guide on how to find good fonts; this course focuses on pairing them.

🤔 You expect this course to supplement practicing. It will give you new tools and guidelines, but eventually you’ll have to do the work 😉.

What you’ll need:

☑️ A free Figma account or Adobe Illustrator to do the challenges.

☑️ Three evenings time. Many attendees went through the course in just three evenings, including the time for the exercises.

Course Curriculum

Focused content, short videos, and fun challenges will bring you on track, while you move through the individual lessons at your own pace.

  Welcome, Typographer
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 1: Enhanced Type Perception
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 2: The Font Matrix
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 3: Advanced Techniques
Available in days
days after you enroll

Still a beginner?
Check out this free webinar!

The webinar on Picking & Pairing Fonts will provide you with the foundations. After it you will know:

⭐️ How to deal with seemingly endless options

⭐️ Whether paid or free fonts are better

⭐️ What works for headings, body text and UI design

⭐️ Whether sans-serif or serif typefaces are better

Watch the free webinar here